The Contribution of Natural and Human Sciences to a New Synthesis of Personal,
Environmental, Social, and Economic Dimensions


18-20 October 2024

Castel Gandolfo, Italy

Cordoba, Argentina


Relational sustainability represents a holistic concept that embraces the connections between individuals,
between people and nature and between individuals and society. It is an invitation to cultivate deep, authentic
and lasting relationships in all areas of our existence, laying the foundations for a more cohesive, resilient, just
and sustainable world. Dialogue with openness, honesty and respect, creating a safe space for sharing ideas,
emotions and needs, both within interpersonal relationships and in the dialogue between man and nature.
Understanding the points of view of others, putting yourself in their shoes and trying to grasp their emotions,
both in interpersonal relationships and in the relationship with the natural environment. Human beings are an
integral part of nature, not an entity separate from it. This relationship is fundamental to our individual and
collective well-being. Nature provides us with food, shelter, medicine, and inspiration, and is a source of
recreation, contemplation, and connection with something greater than ourselves. Human activities have had a
significant impact on the natural environment, causing pollution, deforestation, biodiversity loss and climate
change. These imbalances put our very existence and that of future generations at risk. To ensure relational
sustainability in its broadest sense, it is necessary to rethink our relationship with nature. Building a sustainable
relationship with nature and between individuals is a complex commitment that requires everyone's
collaboration. Governments, businesses, nonprofits and individual citizens must work together to promote
sustainable practices, protect the planet and cultivate authentic, lasting relationships. Only by recognizing our
interconnection with the natural environment, adopting more sustainable lifestyles and building relationships
based on respect, compassion and collaboration can we ensure a prosperous future for people, nature and
society as a whole.
The program will include invited talks, selected presentations (either oral or poster), round tables, thematic
workshops and plenary sessions in dialogue with the speakers. The contributions solicited include the following
● Integral Ecology
● Environmental Ethics
● Sustainable Development
● Circular Economy
● Happy Degrowth
● Attention Restoration Theory (ART)
● Health and Environment
● Ecosystems and Environmental Research
● Environmental Challenges (global warming, plastic pollution, etc.)
● Technological Solutions (energy efficiency, renewable sources, etc.)
● Ecology and Society (economics, politics, communication, sport, arts and religions role facing the
environmental crisis)
● Sustainable architecture and urban planning
● Education for sustainability
● Ecotheology


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